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Crossroads High School will be closing at the end of the 2017 school year. It has been a privilege to provide a classical Christian education to this community from 2010 to 2017. If you have questions, please contact us.
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A classical approach to education with a
vibrant Christian worldview
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A classical education benefits every student. Classical Christian education is making a resurgence in our country. Why? Because it has proven to be an effective means of training the mind to think well and the heart to love and serve the Lord. Classical education is not only for the smartest students or the elite. A classical education benefits every student. We challenge students to give their very best to their studies and they have demonstrated that they can master the material.

Crossroads offers a great value. We charge a fraction of what this school would cost in an urban area. Because we do not believe financial hardship should be a barrier to receiving an education, we also admit students who cannot pay the full value of their education. For this reason, we need your support.

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or Mail Donations to:
Crossroads High School
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Donations to Crossroads are tax deductible and they change the lives of students. Crossroads High School is a 501(c)(3) organization. After screening for financial need, we give generous aid to families that are committed to CHS but cannot pay the full price. All families are required to pay at least 50% and parents receiving aid are required to volunteer time at the school. Your donations make the difference and allow CHS to provide an extraordinary education in our local community.

Support a Student

Do you have a desire to see a young person you know attend Crossroads? Perhaps you have the desire and the means to support a student who would like to attend but cannot afford tuition. By directly paying a portion or all of the tuition costs for a specific student your contribution is not tax deductible, but you have the joy of watching your investment produce dividends in a life you care about.

Tell others about us

Share our Informative Rack Cards highlighting Crossroads High School & Junior High in Tiskilwa, ILDo you know prospective students or donors? Help us get the word out to the students, parents, churches, and community. Your good word on our behalf is priceless to us. Please mention us on social media such as Facebook! Share our Rack Cards! Sign up for and share our E-Newsletters. We would be happy to provide you with hard copies of these materials so you can share the message of CHS broadly.


Do you have skills you can share? We rely on the generosity of our parents and supporters for many things including teaching, leading field trips, helping to decorate, tutoring or preparing mailings. Please let us know if you are willing to be called upon by sending a note on the contact page or giving us a call.


We would be honored if you would pray for us. We encourage you to sign up to receive our monthly e-newsetter and use it as an impetus for prayer. Only by the outpouring of God's grace will we flourish. You can sign up to receive the newsletter by sending an email to

Thank You for Your Support!

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